Perfect Law Firms and their rules for You

The times are difficult for law firms heavy competition and especially international, advent of digital, economic crisis, a weak law market in some sectors. Lawyers are not only professionals with a strong legal expertise, they have become by force the transformations of the economic and social society, full-fledged entrepreneurs who think, organize and manage their professional activity as a real enterprise.

Only if you learn in law the rules governing the signing of a commercial contract or the renewal of the employment contract, learn to manage a law firm is not in the program.The management of a law firm is a major challenge that feeds on many other things besides managing its workload. TheĀ law firm principle is there also.

Also, for a management that rhymes with expansion and growth, but also with pleasure and enthusiasm, here are some rules of good management of a law firm.

Determine your project: the marketing organization

Too few law firms are thinking about long-term strategy, no business plan, no projection at 3 years, no recoil on their business. However, lawyers cannot do without marketing plans, essential to ensure the direction of the firm, keep it afloat and above all highly visible.It is not necessary to set too specific or specific plans but to set some rules for success is never in vain. The firm’s project can focus on expected financial results, technical or legal success or in terms of clients.

Only one question to ask: what are the objectives to be achieved?

From these observations, naturally come the means and tools that the cabinet will have to put at its service. More staff?The development of visibility on social networks thanks to specific tools? Creating a blog? New financial management platforms? What about cabinet positioning with respect to the tech?

Set your fees: the organization of finances and accounting

  • Here we are on the sinews of war: money. The organization of accounting is a key point in the management of a law firm. However, too many firms are not yet in an efficient approach to this aspect.
  • Whether the firm uses an accountant or specific accounting software is a point not to neglect and on the contrary, to consider seriously and patience. Investing in this position is not an unnecessary expense.
  • The interest is for the lawyer to discharge these financial questions to devote himself to his customers and the development of his activity.

Reliance on support functions: the HR organization

The law firm is not only made up of lawyers who compose it. The support functions secretaries, legal assistants, switchboard operators, accountants, documentalists are an integral part of the firm and must be considered as such.

However, it is still too often noted that these staff, often hired very quickly, to allow lawyers, time to return to their initial tasks, does not have specific job descriptions. However, as in a company, the firm must learn to ensure the proper functioning of a collective structure.

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